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    emhabit was created by Ivy and a group of friends during school in France. He and his family are crazy and passionate lovers of family life. He likes those items that can facilitate life and improve the quality of life, which will make him very relaxed and happy every day. He very much hopes that people can devote more passion to their lives, and use more convenient, technological, functional, and inexpensive products to face the difficulties in life.

    So he began to consider how to provide products for a happy and quality life so that more people can enjoy it. With the rapid growth and development of international e-commerce and logistics, he began to consider creating high-quality, high-tech, multi-functional products for home life, and opening specialty stores. Sell ​​household goods, tools, toys and other products online. Advanced ideas, intimate love and deep-rooted passion drove him into the e-commerce industry. Using the fast and convenient Internet, more and more excellent products enter everyone's life and improve people's quality of life. This is the reason for the creation of emhabit.

    As the only authorized seller or distributor of the emhabit brand, any quotations from other sellers are counterfeit and inferior products or unauthorized sales. Please make sure you purchase directly from our website to ensure that you receive an authorized product.

    In order to comply with intellectual property laws and protect our trademarks, unauthorized sales of emhabit products are prohibited because this is our exclusive registered brand.