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    Come to FAQ section for common questions about Emhabit products and services.

    Payment-related Questions

    Q: What payment methods are available?
    A: Paypal, Credit Card or other payment methods shown on our website
    Q:Can I modify my method of payment?
    A: Yes, you can only change among the payment options that we provided on our website
    Q: I am unable to check out, what should I do?
    A: Please refresh the checkout page or wait for a while to see if it works. If you still have this problem, please email us at
    Q: Are there any exchange rates?
    A: Yes, all of orders in were priced based on US dollars
    Q: Why was my payment canceled?
    A: Some payment canceled due to order cancellation. If you order is not canceled, then you need to check with credit card provider to know the specific reasons.
    Q: Why was my payment captured twice?
    A: We will double check your odder payment amount. If it is really captured twice, then we will refund you the excessive money.