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    Come to FAQ section for common questions about Emhabit products and services.    

    Product-related Questions

    Q: What are your products made of ?
    A: They are made of different materials. Please refer to the specified item on the product detail page that we have listed.
    Q:Why does an item that was out of stock for my order still appear on the website?
    A: Probably the product has available variations. Normally a product with variations in stock still appear on website, but it is grayed and not available for ordering.
    Q: When will the product be back in stock?
    A: It depends on shipping efficiency. Please email us at so that we can notify you once it is back to our warehouse and available for selling.  
    Q: How often do you restock?
    A: We aim to restock every week, but restock dates vary depending on product availability and order quantities.
    Q: The color of the item I received is not the same as can be seen in the photo?
    A: Please double check if you ordered the right color. There are some color difference due to different monitor display.
    Q: I saw a item online, but can no long find it, why not?   
    A: Probably it is out of stock. Please contact us at email for more details.